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5 Simple Steps to Weight Loss

Weight loss is an everyday challenge well.. for ALL! Whether you’re a new mom trying to eliminate that excess baby fat after giving birth or you’re recovering from an injury that left you unable to exercise for months or whatever you’re struggling with, weight loss can be a challenging, time-consuming process with varying degrees of success, especially if you are trying to do it on your own. Research has shown that there are a number of things that can help dieters lose weight and keep it off.

Here are 5 simple easy to us steps to support you through your weight loss journey: 

  1. Support System 

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Having support from a coach or a friend helps to keep you on track and accountable. Finding a friend or a professional weight loss coach to help you stay focused is essential when starting AND maintaining your weight loss journey. These people not only want the best for you but they want to see you succeed by making sure that you are doing your job and keeping up with your regimen. Knowing that you have someone there while you start your journey will keep you motivated and garner exceptional weight loss results!

      2.  Food Journal

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Keeping a food journal can be done online or in a written journal. Most people who are trying to lose weight underestimate the quantity and calories that they eat.  Writing down each and every food consumed throughout the day can help you maintain a healthy understanding of your caloric intake. Studies indicate that food journals help you lose weight.

     3.  Meal Prep

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If you fail to plan, plan to fail. Being prepared helps to prevent you from going off your plan.  Having vegetables prepared in advance makes it easy to put a snack or meal together. Another idea is to portion out your protein in advance. Having meals planned also makes journaling easier.

     4.  Weekly Weight and Measurement Checks

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Weight can fluctuate based on the time of day, your hydration, and hormonal imbalances so it’s best to check your weight weekly instead of daily. Weight can be tricky due to excess water weight on some days and increase in muscle mass so measurements can be more accurate when monitoring fat loss. People tend to focus on weight, they are more concerned with the number on the scale than body composition. The goal should really be to lose excess fat while maintaining lean mass (strong bones and muscles).

    5.  Having a Healthy Mindset About Food and Weight Loss


Many people eat for emotional reasons. Being aware of mental sabotage is the first step to awareness and a healthy weight loss program. There are many techniques out there to deal with emotional eating including: meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also known as tapping, and behavior modification. Changing your mindset is a huge part of weight loss. Many people have a difficult time with weight loss because of subconscious beliefs. Everything the body does is for survival, survival of the body and survival of the species. If your body thinks it needs the fat you are holding on to to survive it will be difficult to lose.

We at Ideal Body and Mind Center in Tustin offer one-on-one coaching with a predictable, reliable, easy to follow program. We are also affiliated with specialists who are experts in mediation and EFT. We incorporate the latest scientific research to help you achieve results and maintain your goals. Making sure to follow key protocols will make the journey simple.