Jen Dial

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In order to live our best life, we must take care of ourselves. The first step is to create a mindset that will help achieve our health goals. I believe mindset is the key to living with intention and purpose. I have created a method that will help you live your best life by implementing a meditation practice. This practice involves guided visualization as a tool to reprogram and shift your mindset. Your meditation practice is like weight lifting for the brain. With consistency and practice, your “meditation muscle” becomes refined and strong. This will help you achieve your goals efficiently, with lasting results as you build resilience.

In addition to crushing your health goals at Ideal Body & Mind with the Ideal Protein and Prolon programs, my mindset program will improve your focus, reduce stress, declutter your mind, promote healthy weight loss and connect with your purpose and profound contentment. I can’t wait to work with you and look forward to partnering with you on your journey to optimum health.

The Dial Meditation Method

Jen Dial has been practicing & teaching guided mindful meditation for almost 30 years. Purpose and transformation are the keynotes to her work. Jen is able to weave her clients’ goals into her signature meditation method, producing breakthrough results. Jen’s company, The Dial Meditation Method incorporates her proprietary guided visualization techniques that heal, release anxiety, cultivate inner peace, and replace limiting beliefs with renewed self confidence. These practices help clients shift their mindset and experience rapid growth and transformation. You deserve to live your best life and Jen is excited to help you create a new mindset that will impact your health and wellness goals.

Jen works with private clients across the country, inspires people as a transformational speaker, guides groups in her meditation mastermind program, and teaches meditation masterclasses. Jen is honored to be the Mindset Director at Ideal Body & Mind.

Jen’s Education

  • Graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish

  • Certified: The Nature of The Soul, 2 year Meditation Curriculum

  • Certified:  1.5 years Teachers’ Training in The Nature of The Soul

  • Certified: 1 year Advanced Teachers’ Training in The Nature of The Soul

  • Certified: 1 year curriculum Group Dynamics Energy