Holly Leo, MSN, NP

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"In my own experience with weight loss and wellness I’ve found that having a healthy mind, open to change, free of self-sabotage and willing to believe that you can become your ideal self is necessary to make life long changes. At Ideal Body and Mind Center we do not diagnose or treat medical problems, rather we focus on diet, saunas, meditation and education to create a community of support. I personally welcome you to visit our community-based center to realize and promote a balanced world."

Holly has practiced as a Family Practice Nurse Practitioner with W. Robert Crumpton, M.D. in Tustin since May 1998. The practice joined St. Joseph Heritage Health in April of 2017, where she continues her work as a Nurse Practitioner. Her previous roles included Oncology and bone marrow/stem cell transplant at UCLA, and as a breast cancer clinical case coordinator at UCSD.

Now a retired Chiropractor, Holly’s father always promoted a health conscious environment, “Our family ate health food before being ‘Organic’ was fashionable”. With this in mind, her goal is to view each patient individually to help them find the best way to stay balanced. Utilizing diet, hormone balancing and stress reduction she has been able to help her patients improve their health.

In 2012, Holly was introduced to the Ideal Protein weight loss program and then opened Holly Leo’s Health and Wellness Center, using the Ideal Protein plan, Holly and her wonderful coaches were able to help many clients lose weight, keep it off, and transform their lives. In her own continued quest for optimal health Holly realized the best way to achieve a healthy body is to have a healthy, happy mind. She decided to open the Ideal Body and Mind Center, Inc., a center for wellness.

Holly's Education:

1998 - Master’s Degree (Family Nurse Practitioner), University of San Diego

1989 - Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Mount Saint Mary’s College

1987 - AA degree in Registered Nursing, L.A. Pierce College

1986 - Licensed Practical Nurse, University of Hawaii, at Kauai Community College